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Vitória, ES, May 18 – 22, 2015



Vitória is the second oldest capital in Brazil, a cradle of traditions which are fully harmonized with the city’s development. The 93,38-square-kilometer territory is comprehended by an archipelago of 34 islands. The city was founded in 1551 and it is home to 320 thousand inhabitants. Its secular monuments delight visitors an inhabitants, as well as its modern urban projects that enrich even more the city natural landscapes and assure more quality of life to everyone.

Vitória has been modernized without losing sight of the marks of its historical background.The urban landscape preserves secular buildings and monuments, connecting past and present in the same scenario. The Chapel of Santa Luzia,considered a national monument,  is one of  the main tourist and cultural attraction of the Vitória Island. It was built in 1551 and is the oldest building on the city. It is currently, an art gallery and a research center of the Federal University of the Espítio Santo. Other churches and monasteries of significant historical importance can also be found in Vitoria, as the Church of the Rosario, whose construction dates back to 1765; the ruins of the Convent of St. Francis, the first Franciscan building outside the Northeast region of Brazil, which dates from 1591; Cathedral City, built in 1918; and the former Jesuit College, where is now located the government head office, together with the church of St. James, built the seventeenth century. There is also the Palace Domingos Martins built in 1910 and currently occupied by the State Legislature.

The traditions of the island’s fishermen and clay pots craftswomen are kept alive. Its gastronomy is traditional as well. The typical foods of the region such as the capixaba’s  fish stew and pie. The moqueca, made ​​of fish, shrimp, or other seafood, is unmissable and unbeatable. The capixaba pie, made ​​of cod, palm, seafood and other ingredients, is a tradition of Holy Week and Vitória’s main gastronomical references.


One day tour from Vitória (in Portuguese).

Discover the City of VITÓRIA

Espírito Santo

Metropolitan Cathedral of Victory

Located in Upper Town, Dom Luiz Scortegagna Square, the Cathedral was built almost at the same location of the original Matrix, demolished at the beginning of this century.

Curva da Jurema

Juremas curve is a beach city of Vitoria, Brazil. It is located in the east of Victoria Island, between the island and the Ox Square Wishes. It is possible to visualize the Ilha do Frade.

Morro da Fonte Grande Park

Situated in the Massif Central Victoria Island, State Park Fountain Great contrasts with the bustle of the metropolis and is an invitation for you to relax enjoying nature. 

Ilha do Boi

 With the growth of the city in the first half of the nineteenth century large areas were grounded throughout the city and the island joined the Victoria Island.

Camburi Beach

It is the main beach in Victoria, with 6 km long. Concentrates cultural and sports activities, promoted by the city of Vitoria. 

Convento da Penha

Is one of the oldest religious shrines of Brazil. Situated high on a cliff, at 154 meters, is one of the oldest churches in the state.